The Crypto Dad


 Rex Kneisley - 12,407 subscribers

The Crypto Dad is a regular guy with a keen interest in all things related to Cryptography. Sit back and relax as he walks you through some of the more complicated applications of Cryptography in modern computing. You can follow along as he installs and configures software for some of the most modern and cutting edge software packages that take full advantage of strong encryption including Tor Browser, Bitcoin wallets, Whonix, Debian Linux, and more. He will also show you how to take control of your digital life with tips and tricks for improving you privacy, anonymity and security. His step-by-step guides include lively commentary, discussions and occasional digressions on topics of interest related to the subject matter.

Visit with Rex and view his videos... We will feature Rex here on our site with some of his most pertinent videos as they pertain to youth and beginner investing.

The Crypto Dad's live session on Thursday, May 31st, 2018. Early in the video he mentions and brings up Groups4Schools, thanks for the shout out Rex! He has also started a new channel called The Crypto Dad for Kids.. so anxious to see and link his videos over here at Groups4Schools.