We Sea Learning Differently

Welcome to our community ...

When you join our Connected Learner Experience, you will actively collaborate in a dynamic online community of fellow learners, and ultimately create a custom learning  experience and product that you design. 

  • Need to work in groups on a project or idea...
  • Need to stay in touch while away from your classroom...
  • Need to work with other educators, students or parents on a committee, team or professional development idea...
  • Need to create, communicate and collaborate with other educators, students and parents... 
  • Need a toolset to work and meet virtually all in one place...

We created a virtual community for educators, students and parents. We understand the need for education to have access to new ways of doing things, in this the 21st Century. We invite you to come in, take a look around, form  a private group and explore our resources in an all inclusive environment. 

All our groups have access to the same sets of all inclusive resources. Being a member of administrator of your group allows you to:

  • create groups where you invite people to be members or contacts
  • create files (built in editor), link to, edit, revise, save, share, upload, download. View multiple formats (built in viewer)
  • store files of all types online in a folder system for your groups
  • create discussions and follow the threads, archives the conversations
  • create a chat session, schedule and meet live online, archives the sessions chat
  • host a conference call, no operator required, moderate your own calls
  • host a virtual web meeting with VOIP or call in numbers, whiteboard, file and desktop sharing, videos/audio, chat, host 25 attendees
  • send emails, texts, voice and video notes
  • create a to-do list, assign tasks and responsibilities, modify as you complete tasks
  • schedule and manage events with the calendar
  • create a poll to see how things are going and get feedback
  • receive notifications & confirmations of everything you and the group members do

Skills needed for the future

Sir Ken Robinson - How to escape educations death valley..

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