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May 16, 2013

Groups4Schools integrates video, voice, chat, application sharing and white boarding into typically static, text-based online classes, group work or the traditional classroom to enhance the learning experience through greater collaboration and interaction.

By adding real-time communication and multimedia tools to a rich learning environment teachers and students have a safe “virtual venue” in which they can improve student achievement and address multiple learning styles.

Teachers - What does your classroom look like?

Groups4Schools offers more than what the physical classroom can offer – wherever the lesson takes place,
•    Teachers and students utilize lectures and discussions to extend the learning continuum and optimize student achievement with MP4 files.
•    Imagine students being able to use a whiteboard in ad-hoc learning sessions, group study sessions, for tutoring, or even in hallway conversations.

Groups4Schools solutions allow each student in online, blended and traditional classes to:

• research topics and share online

• download coursework and reference materials,

• log on to real-time classes and lectures,

• collaborate with teachers and peers for tutoring and individualized or group study,

• work in teams with others

• submit assignments using voice and conferencing technology,

• compare, interpret, discuss and collaborate via chat technology,

• and apply critical thinking skills.

For teachers Groups4Schools supports:

• virtual classes and office hours

• professional development

• the ability to bring alternative content into the classroom to enrich and enhance learning objectives

• the ability to deliver content outside the classroom, extending reach both intra- and inter-district

• multimodal delivery to address diverse learning styles

• learning approaches that facilitate cooperative learning, problem-based learning and the use of case methods and simulations

• virtual parent-teacher conferences and office hours

• accelerated, more efficient interactions with administrators, teachers, parents or students on an unplanned or scheduled basis

For administrators Groups4Schools supports:

• remote meetings

• more effective meetings through the use of audio and web technologies that offer a rich context for enhanced communications

• the ability to host sessions with teachers, staff, parents and other stakeholders

• the ability to release consistent important messages to large dispersed groups in a timely fashion

• in selected schools, multi-disciplinary meetings with individualized education plans for special-ed and at-risk children.

For students Groups4Schools supports:

• access – learners gain more timely access to resources that are outside the classroom.

• collaboration in shared classrooms and group projects

• home access and alternative access to missed class work or assignments and makeup sessions

Groups4Schools is designed specifically for educational use and provides a secure environment that Group administrators control.

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