Groups4Schools has a new focus striving to bring you new initiatives which are leading edge. We are setting out on a new leading edge direction bringing you initiatives that are out front and ahead of the curve.

We will be identifying new trends and bring those to you through a series of information articles, blogs, podcasts,videos, courses and interactive learning sessions hosting questions and answers through our collective community.

If during your visit, stay and interaction on our site you think of something you would like to see covered or explained please reach out to us through the community on our contact page and we will review your input and get back to you with some ideas....

There is a hugh financial revolution on the horizon, actually happening right now! Cryptocurrency is starting to be adopted worldwide. At Groups4Schools we felt it was essential to make sure our "youth" are informed about what their financial future may hold. Across our webiste, twitter account and facebook page we will try and inform youth about what lies ahead. We will try to make the information pertinent, current and timely. Where we can we will also bring you other "youth" who are already there. They will help inform you about while lies ahead.  Check out our featured youth below...

                                          These Kids are Good!


He's just 12 years old and already is the CEO of his own company. Meet ICO and Crypto enthusiast George Weiksner. Hear this 6th grader explain the difference between ICO and Cryptocurrency investing, his thoughts on Bitcoin and more! George's intro video can be viewed on his site at Pockefullofquarters Check out the Business Insider's article. You can also view George's interview with Market Watch here.

Kamea will help answer some questions about Cryptocurrency. He can help you "adults" out as well! Check out his videos!


How to choose an ICO - 5 Tips for beginners


Our partner over at CRYPTOBIT GAMES has listed us as their partner. Love to promote gaming as a way to introduce our "youth" audience to Crypto!

Hedgie is joining our monthly give-a-way so sign on to our community to earn the chance to win 5 Hedgie's....we'll be giving away Hedgies through Groups4Schools give-a-ways page so be sure to sign up to be eligible Visit @hellohedgie on Twitter or Join them on Telegram Visit their website.


Want to check out the many YouTubers who are talking Crypto Currency.. here's a list with ratings and stat's to check out. Groups4Schools is creating our own list of followers to feature on our site - stay tuned for our choices!.

     I Love Crypto - Certified Bitcoin Professional


Want to see (Part 2) go here You can also view a free guide on (DYOR) doing your own research before buying Crypto here